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7 Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In 2018

Since fashion is as fickle as the wind itself, and the foresight of the future is for prophets and magicians, the job of a fashion analyzer can be very difficult sometimes. But in order to see what’s going to be on trend on short term, we have to look into the tendencies happening right now and what the specialists are talking, along with influencers, stylists, etc. Straight forward as this article wants to know; here we have seven fashion items that we believe will be big in the next year. So pay attention and don’t be out dated, enjoy!

  • Embroidered clothes: The art of handicraft to decorating textiles or other materials, embroidery can incorporate a range of elements such as pearls, beads, quils and sequins. Today, embroidery is everywhere, especially on the spring. It gives some kind of “life aspect” to your look. Designers have added motifs to denim jackets, jeans, leather skirts and little black dresses. Accessories haven’t escaped the trend either. Look for handbags, shoes and belts that have embroidered embellishments to add interest to your outfit.


  • Ethnic printed blazers: Some may think ethnic patterns on clothes are out-dated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Blazers printed with ethnic designs are coming back on board this next year, marking a revival to this style.


  • Clochard shorts: Market by high waist and low length, clochard shorts are a great option for the 2018 summer. It has a touch of a mid-60’s summer fashion, remembering a kind of Beach boy’s song wave. It’s very versatile and can be combined with a range of other accessories, more or less conservative, from blazers to backless shirts.



  • Athluxury: That lazy look, but with an expensive stylish touch at the same time is on trend right now and will survive in 2018. An upgrade to Athleisure, the look was heavily incorporated by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.


  • Quotes and messaging prints: Clothes with a concept behind will mark the fashion in 2018. But it’s not just the usual Metallica or favorite band t shirt that we are talking about, but a REAL concept behind the look. Looks can reflect your lifestyle, your ideas, along with your aspirations and feelings as well. Quotes with more socio-political meaning can be used largely, with messages for world peace, environment preservation and anti-political correctness too.


  • Comic book printed pants: Comics and fashion walk along together for a long time, but this time you can incorporate the concept itself on your look. A more conceptual, at the same time geek and millennial clothing, you can use your favorite comics, from Scott Adam’s Gilbert to Marvel and DC heroes. Doesn’t matter, use your imagination and be happy. Also can be used as a concept for dresses too.


  • Big Sleeves: Especially on 2018 summer, big sleeves will be a trend among women. Very versatile as well, can be used on a range of different environments, such as parties (with clochard shorts cited above), wedding ceremonies (adapted with a long length more conservative dress), as well as urban daily look just to go to Starbucks for a coffee (with a low length skirt and cooper sneakers).

The Most Influential Fashion Trends from each Decade

Even those who despise fashion cannot exactly run away from it because fashion is about externalizing what lies inside the spirit of a society during a certain period of time, and that externalization will eventually reach even the most reluctant person out there, it doesn’t matter if that person will be reached only thirty or forty years later. The fact is we don’t see people dressing as ancient Greeks in modern and civilized societies. Let’s then take a look at the most influential fashion trends from each decade.


1900 – Corsets:

Corsets were the thing back there, a woman who didn’t have one would feel like a cursed outcast unable to require respect or appreciation. They were often tight to death, but hey, what’s life without sacrifices?

1910 – Black Hats:

Black hats were always sort of popular, but the world saw an amazing growth in the number of people wearing black hats, including women. I say only “black hats” because the hats used to vary regarding sizes and shapes.

1920 – The Peacock Look:

I’m talking about that extravagant look composed mainly by a somewhat baggy dress, ornaments on the head and a huge fan made of feathers. You couldn’t call yourself an elegant woman if you didn’t wear something like that.

1930 – Discretion:

It was only natural that after the reign of carnival outfits somber look would’ve gained the love of women. It’s all part of the cycle of life. In the 30’s women decided to be taken more seriously and started to dress with more discretion and self-respect. It’s like they were saying they were not peacocks.

1940 – Bikinis:

Feeling they may have been hiding more than it was necessary to hide, women jumped on the bikini bandwagon in the 40’s for the joy of men. They continued to show they were serious persons, but they made others remember how beautiful they could be.

1950 – Fancy Dresses:

What he had in the 50’s was a type of brief XIX century renaissance regarding women’s wardrobes. All the big and fancy dresses returned to fashion, toned down, it’s true, and filled the rooms and halls with pleasant visions of celebrations and femininity. The war was over and the future was bright.

1960 – Miniskirts:

The miniskirts set the fashion world ablaze and pushed it in a direction it may never come back from except if something really huge and bad happens to all mankind. I shall remember the reader though that the miniskirts of that time were not at all like the ones we see today. What happened to miniskirts over time is pretty similar to what happened to the bikinis.

1970 – Revealing clothes:

This was a trend in the making since de 40’s. Women seemed to accept that the purpose of clothing was not quite exactly to hide their bodies but to show in a beautiful, sexy and/or laid-back way parts of it. In other words: sure, clothes are there to hide the body, but also to show it right.

1980 – Leggings:

Life in the cities became more frantic, people needed to move faster. It was also in the 80’s that the Gym subculture exploded. Women adapted to that reality with the leggings, which by the way are being widely used even today.

1990 – Casual Visual:

The 90’s were years in which both men and women thought “you know what, I’ll dress randomly”.

The result was a simple yet messy look, the kind of visual one would normally use only at home while waits for the clothes that are in the washing machine.

2000 – Casual Visual Reloaded:

The idea of dressing casually was a good one, many appeared to have thought, so in the 2000’s they just got rid of the random factor to try and make truly stylish combinations.

2010 – Executive:

I know our decade is not over yet, but I just want to point out one of the fashion trends we have right before our eyes, and that is the mania people have nowadays to dress like executives. Even many of the casual looks have an executive touch to it. Pay attention and you’ll notice that, especially in big cities.

The 80s Fashion Trends that are Coming Back

It is a hard-hitting fact that history repeats itself and those who do not learn history are doomed. One of the hardest things about fashion trends is that the fashion that we are bragging about today is fashion that was considered outdated and was trashed a few decades back. In simple terms, the fashion trends that we had in the 70s and 80s are the fashion trends that we consider cool in 2017. This is the unanswered mystery that prevails in history.


The theory of recurrence:

Not many of us know that there is a widespread theory, in whatever field you think it belongs to, that talks about the factors that are involved in the ideology of ‘history repeats itself.’  Though this theory, named as ‘Historic Recurrence,’ focuses primarily on the political concepts, there is no doubt that it applies to fashion trends as well.

80s Fashion Trends are back!

A lot of people who study the history of fashion have concluded that the fashion will rule a couple of years from now will be the fashion trends that prevailed in the 1980s. They have also asked the people of the 80s not to worry about the trends of their period dying because the fashion trends of the 80s are here to stay. ‘Come on 80s is so close, how it can repeat?’ is what most people think. If you are thinking so, you are wrong as well.

But before I burst the bubble, I want to say something weirder than the previous point I made. We are repeating the fashion that existed in the 60s and 70s. In that case, I have a feeling that the 80s fashion is comparatively better and less embarrassing to repeat. You still don’t believe? Google for yourself the trends that existed a half a decade earlier, and you will be able to spot almost all the western outfits that we feel cool about today. Right from costumes to accessories, footwear to hairstyles we are almost repeating everything.


Few people feel that if fashion is only a repetition of what the world has already witnessed, then there will be no scope for new fashion. I have a theory for that as well. I wouldn’t go to the extent of claiming that history repeats itself completely but at a percentage that is quite conceivable. So if I say that 80s trends are the ones that are going to rule 2017, we still have a lot of people alive who have seen 80s and are seeing the 2000s. These people will be able to tell us at what percentage the recurrence happens. I am a 90s kid, and I have a mother who keeps bragging that she was already a part of the fashion that we brag about today. Though I ignore it, the fact that she is really unaffected by the fashion that is trending today annoys me a bit.

Top 5 Perks that Fashion Freaks Get to Enjoy

Following fashion, if you ask me, is a talent by itself. In a society that is as competent as this, you are expected to stay on trend, to keep up with the world. Though most of us believe that we are closely following the changing trends, we still find it hard to promptly carry ourselves to an event and help ourselves look presentable. If you are a fashion pro, you will obviously know what is expected out of you.

We still find people who contradict this. A lot of people still believe that going conventional is not as bad as people perceive it. At the same time, it is undeniable that there are a lot of advantages when you closely follow fashion. Below listed are some of the advantages of the following fashion:

Fashion Freaks

Advantages of People Following Fashion:

As stated earlier the main aim of the following trend is to be able to carry ourselves in a look that fits a particular space. So when you know how to carry yourself, the following are the perks that you will enjoy

Personal Image:

The world is very much judgemental. The society always judges a book by its cover, and you are expected to look the way others want to see you. Even if you are trying to be politically correct and make statements that you are not living for the society, you still know that you are living for the society, at least 80% of the population. So when you follow fashion and stick to the trend, you will be able to paint a cool picture of yourself. People will not be judgemental, at least in the negative sense. Also, it is good if you remember how important first impressions are.

When it becomes a compulsion:

If you are running a business and it is your call to take care of fashions and trends, then, in this case, you have no other option but to have a clear idea of what is the trending fashion. That being said, today it is very much true that the world demands things that are way too fanciful. So again irrespective of what field you are into or what business you carry out, you are expected to have a close eye on the fashion updates.

Increases Self-confidence:

So the first theory that we placed here is that if you are updated with fashion, you will be good when it comes to making first impressions. So if this theory holds water, the next thing that follows impression is confidence. When you know you are good when it comes to falling in line with fashion, it automatically pushes your confidence level.

An identity by itself:

Dress code is something that easily projects who you are and what profession you are into. This is something that almost all of us have done reflexively. Yes, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to guess the professions of the people by looking at their style, their dress code, and their body language. If you can do it to someone, this can happen to you as well. That is the reason we say fashion creates an identity.

Stay unique:

Though there are high talks about following fashion, most of us fail to implement it practically. So if you are one among the few who can stick to fashion and follow it reverently, then you are probably going to stand out from the crowd and look unique.


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