Since fashion is as fickle as the wind itself, and the foresight of the future is for prophets and magicians, the job of a fashion analyzer can be very difficult sometimes. But in order to see what’s going to be on trend on short term, we have to look into the tendencies happening right now and what the specialists are talking, along with influencers, stylists, etc. Straight forward as this article wants to know; here we have seven fashion items that we believe will be big in the next year. So pay attention and don’t be out dated, enjoy!

  • Embroidered clothes: The art of handicraft to decorating textiles or other materials, embroidery can incorporate a range of elements such as pearls, beads, quils and sequins. Today, embroidery is everywhere, especially on the spring. It gives some kind of “life aspect” to your look. Designers have added motifs to denim jackets, jeans, leather skirts and little black dresses. Accessories haven’t escaped the trend either. Look for handbags, shoes and belts that have embroidered embellishments to add interest to your outfit.


  • Ethnic printed blazers: Some may think ethnic patterns on clothes are out-dated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Blazers printed with ethnic designs are coming back on board this next year, marking a revival to this style.


  • Clochard shorts: Market by high waist and low length, clochard shorts are a great option for the 2018 summer. It has a touch of a mid-60’s summer fashion, remembering a kind of Beach boy’s song wave. It’s very versatile and can be combined with a range of other accessories, more or less conservative, from blazers to backless shirts.



  • Athluxury: That lazy look, but with an expensive stylish touch at the same time is on trend right now and will survive in 2018. An upgrade to Athleisure, the look was heavily incorporated by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.


  • Quotes and messaging prints: Clothes with a concept behind will mark the fashion in 2018. But it’s not just the usual Metallica or favorite band t shirt that we are talking about, but a REAL concept behind the look. Looks can reflect your lifestyle, your ideas, along with your aspirations and feelings as well. Quotes with more socio-political meaning can be used largely, with messages for world peace, environment preservation and anti-political correctness too.


  • Comic book printed pants: Comics and fashion walk along together for a long time, but this time you can incorporate the concept itself on your look. A more conceptual, at the same time geek and millennial clothing, you can use your favorite comics, from Scott Adam’s Gilbert to Marvel and DC heroes. Doesn’t matter, use your imagination and be happy. Also can be used as a concept for dresses too.


  • Big Sleeves: Especially on 2018 summer, big sleeves will be a trend among women. Very versatile as well, can be used on a range of different environments, such as parties (with clochard shorts cited above), wedding ceremonies (adapted with a long length more conservative dress), as well as urban daily look just to go to Starbucks for a coffee (with a low length skirt and cooper sneakers).